K*tzbühel – a patriotic Tribute

for string quartet and accordion [2008] | duration: 17’00”

  1. Von Jägern und Schürzen
  2. Von Stadln und Musikanten

Against the backdrop of the media and entertainment industry in our affluent society, we are constantly chased from show to show, are flung from party to party and perpetually urged to “celebrate” (even if we do not know what). Well known protagonists propagate the “true” art of living in bright luster formats: sporty drivers of rapid hot rods, glittering socialites, yodeling après skiers, stylish lobbyists – the model effect of these idols gives more to reflect on than the figures themselves. The horrific inauthenticity of the media reality reveals that the most dazzling exponents of the clannish party society ultimately embody the opposite of her external appearance – behind the façade, they stand in front of us as an antithesis of themselves like witnesses of profound social pauperization.

One of its most repulsive manifestations shows up in trivial schlager-music, which represents one of this piece’s principle sources of inspiration. However, with the attempt to unmask her nauseating commercial featuring an unadulterated attempt to curry favor, something unexpected occurs. When stripped of all sonic frippery, most songs disclose a touch of folk music-like authenticity, such that even the worst hits nevertheless impart a touch of charm…


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Chih-Yu Ou, Shan-Wu Wu – violins; Julia Purgina – viola; Chih-Hui Chang – cello; Alfred Melichar – accordion

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