art as lively field of possibilities

The evaluation of art occurs in the end with the individual, on a subjective level. This proves sometimes difficult to accept, but therein lies the meaning of art as such: as a lively field of chances in which values must basically be accepted, but can not be regarded as absolute.

As a composer I feel attracted by numerous tendencies and sound worlds, and I constantly aim at interconnecting most diversified influences in a personal manner.

In all my pieces I take care of a very wide spectrum of tonal possibilities, from the simple triad up to sharp dissonances or clusters, from complex polyrhythms up to unanimous melody, from traditional play manners of established instruments up to the application of electronic sounds.

The thrill of contemporary art in my opinion is to be found in the personal synthesis of heterogeneous elements and topical currents.

In my compositions I deliberately try to implement opposing forces of contemporary music into a personal idiom. This idiom is often characterized by pulsating rhythms repeatedly crossed by ametric sonic situations; the harmony is mostly free-tonal, yet gliding into atonality again and again; and if most intimate music passages consistently appear in my orchestral pieces, my chamber music itself is often suffused with symphonic gesture.

Martin Lichtfuss

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