art as lively field of possibilities


Does contemporary music really always have to be “new”? – “Yes, indeed”. New, however, does not mean exclusively the search for an expansion of sound stages, such as through extended techniques. For me, this search is in no way incompatible with the ways of thinking and achievements of traditional art. Therefore I feel no fear of contact with forms and creative means of the past. There should be no taboos today — apart from one: that of falsehood.

New, for me, implies rather the subjective search for the unexplored, for still undiscovered spaces of one’s own world of thoughts, and also the repeated and deepening examination of certain compositional questions. I am convinced that the inexhaustible possibilities of combining different elements and materials again and again, even if they seem to have already been exploited, constantly confront composers with new tasks and challenges.

Martin Lichtfuss