In Nuce

for small orchestra [2008] | duration: 1’15”

Propulsive rhythmics with changing meters have always been formative to Martin Lichtfuss’ compositional thoughts – that is, in addition to melodic and harmonic implications as widely incorporated in Western music since the Middle Ages. Although – or rather because – these authorities have often been sacrificed in art music after 1950 in the course of an overall change in values, the composer clings to them out of the firm conviction that given a long-term perspective, these central parameters of composition cannot be abandoned over a longer period of time.

Despite the commitment to rhythm, harmony and melody, current means of expression as well as the exploration of new sound spaces remain equally fascinating for Lichtfuss. In his compositions, furthermore, he has always striven to combine traditional compositional categories with experimental means. In Nuce refers to the challenge of juxtaposing contrasting compositional points of view and condenses two contrary musical perspectives into a very small space.

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ORF Radio Symphony Orchestra Vienna; Conductor: Gottfried Rabl

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