In Nuce

for small orchestra [2008] | duration: 1’15”

“Propulsive rhythmics with changing meters have always been formative to my compositional thoughts – besides melodic and harmonic implications as widely incorporated in Western music since the Middle Ages. Although – or rather because – these authorities due to an overall change in values have often been sacrifised in art music after 1950, I cling to them because I am persuaded that on a long-term perspective these design levels will proove to be unrenounceable key criterions.
Despite the commitment to rhythm, harmony and melody I feel attracted by current means of expression such as the investigation of new sound areas, and I have always aspired after the combination of traditional compositional categories with experimental possibilities such as extended techniques. In Nuce refers to the difficulty of juxtaposing contrasting compositional points of view and condenses two contrary musical perspectives on the narrowest possible space of 1 minute.“


CD-Links: (ORF)

ORF Radio-Symphonieorchester Wien
Dirigent: Gottfried Rabl

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