3 Aspects

for brass quintet [1981/82] | duration: 10’00”

In Three Aspects from 1981/82, composed during Martin Lichtfuss’ student years in Vienna, the formation of a brass quintet is effectively brought to sound in three different ways within the framework of a 10-minute piece.

The first section, Introduction, consists of a maestoso part and a lyrical passage carried by a horn cantilena. It is followed by the second section – a  fugue, in which the instruments interact contrapuntally, a rather rare phenomenon in the field of contemporary music and therefore deliberately chosen. Traditional counterpoint in the baroque sense is here re-examined by a theme with alternating meter, determining the idiosyncrasy of the movement, a procedure that is used again and again in several compositions by Martin Lichtfuss. The third and perhaps dominant part is the Allegro capriccioso, a burlesque movement conceived in a spirit quite different from the fugue, in which particular attention has been paid to the seating arrangement of the ensemble. The players toss notes to each other like balls, with the two trumpeters in particular competing with each other. This juggling with notes finally leads, after a brief retarding moment, to a whirling ending.

The piece as a whole is conceived as relaxed, conversational music that strives for variety and tries to entertain in a witty way.

Rudolf Korp – trumpet; Hannes Buchegger – trumpet; Jürgen Bongartz – horn; Sebastian Weiss – trombone; Werner Gottschald – trombone

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